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Warranty Policy, Terms and Conditions

DSP's Warranty Policy & Limited Warranty

Diversified Steel Products Mfg. Ltd. (hereinafter called the company) warrants THE ORIGINAL PURCHASER ONLY of the DSP products listed below. To make good by repair or replacement of any part, which is shown to the Company's satisfaction to be defective under proper usage in any materials or workmanship within the warranty listed below, within the original date of purchase. This warranty does not apply to the damage resulting from common daily wear and tear, improper installation, alteration or misusage.

The company does not cover finish placed on products. Accordingly, the company will not replace, repair or refinish any products if the finish on the product is worn in any manner.

The company's liability shall be limited to make good repair, replacement or refitting free of charge any defective parts provided such parts are promptly returned to the retailer. Transport charges on parts are to be paid by the customer.

This warranty is in lieu of all warranty conditions or liabilities implied by law or expressed by statute. In the event shall the Company be liable for consequential damage the Company shall not be bound by any conditions. Warranties or representatives, save as herein contained, unless same are in writing and signed by duly appointed officer of the Company.

This warranty will only come into effect when the customer (end user or general public) returns a DSP warranty card within thirty (30) days of purchase. FOR ANY ADJUSTMENT, RETURN OR CLAIM CALL 1-800-265-3377 for claim and authorization number, including information on DSP claim and return terms on policy and procedures.

For warranty procedures see your local DSP retailer or call DSP 1-800-265-3377.

Common wear and tear is considered direct friction created from metal contact. Lubricants used, such as grease, will trap in foreign materials creating a grinding compound and is also common daily wear and tear. Keeping clean before use should reduce this. For lubrication on all moving parts for DSP products, use graphite spray and clean before using. For reduction of metal to metal contact on DSP Fifth Wheel Horseshoes (on crossbar) use a replaceable teflon plate.

DSP Limited Warranties are:

Lifetime Limited Warranty

DSP Weight Distribution Hitch Systems

Five (5) Year Limited Warranty
  • DSP Weight Distribution Hitch Systems
  • DSP Ballmounts
  • DSP Adjustable and Speciality Ballmounts
  • DSP Hitchballs
  • DSP Camper Tiedowns
  • DSP Super Fifth Wheel Hitches
  • DSP Gooseneck Hitches

Note: all products used by professional haulers are subject to DSP's one (1) year limited warranty.

DSP Warranty Procedure

To receive the DSP limited warranties listed above, the customer (general public) must follow these steps. DSP will refuse any warranties if these steps are not followed.

  1. The original purchaser must fill out the Warranty Card within thirty (30) days of the original purchase and have returned to the address on the card or listed below.
  2. The customer must contact DSP for a claim number, call 1-800-265-3377 or email dsp@dsphitches.com.
  3. The product in question must have a toe tag clearly marked with claim number, name, phone number, address, the courier company and waybill number and a copy of the receipt from the original purchase date.
  4. The product must be sent PREPAID to DSP's address listed below.
  5. DSP's representatives will decide over five (5) working day if the product applies to the limited warranty. If not, DSP's representatives will contact and advise the customer using the information on the claim toe tag from #3.
  6. DSP will send back the product COLLECT to the address supplied on the claim toe tag.

Terms and Conditions of Sale

Payment & Pricing Terms

  • Net 30 Calendar days from invoice date
  • 2% discount on subtotal, when payment is received by the 10th calendar day from invoice date
  • Customers with an unpaid invoice(s) over 60 days will not be shipped additional goods until account is current
  • NSF Cheques and others are subject to a $75.00 surcharge
  • Overdue accounts are subject to a 2% interest per month (24% per year)
  • Prices and conditions of sale are subject to change without notice

Order Placement

  • Orders can be placed by calling the DSP customer service department, fax or email
  • Same day shipping deadline is 1:00 pm. Orders placed after 1:00 pm will be shipped on the next business day
  • Pick-up orders require a minimum 1 hour preparation time during peak season
  • Special Order cannot be cancelled or returned once placed


  • Prepaid for the (invoice subtotal) minimum orders as indicated in the chart below. All invoices will be charged freight, then it can only be deducted should the invoice payment be received on or before the invoice due date. For all orders under the PPD minimums, freight charges as outlined below will be added to each invoice
  • Freight charges are subject to change resulting from the fluctuation of fuel surcharges
  • The conditions do not apply to power tailgate delivery surcharges

Important Update see following chart new Freight Territories

Destinations PPD Minimum
(Invoice subtotal)
BC Vancouver Island $3,500
BC Lower ML & Kootneys $3,000
BC Northern & Okanagan $2,500
AB Edmonton – Calgary $1,500
AB Northern & Southern $2,500
Saskatchewan $3,000
Manitoba $3,500
Southern Ontario$6,000
Northern Ontario $4,000

Lost or Damaged Goods

All complaints for lost, damaged, or short shipped goods must be submitted to a DSP Customer Service Representative with in 24 hours following the reception of an order. We recommend to attentively inspect each article at the time of the reception and to communicate with the customer service department to ensure reasonable tracing can be done.

Returns Policy

  1. No returns will be accepted unless an off-setting order is placed at the time of the return request. The order must be equal to or greater than the subtotal of the item(s) returned. Item must have been purchased through DSP within the past 6 (six) months from invoice date.
    50000 series (all bolt on receiver hitches) item returns will no longer be accepted regardless of condition after 5 working days from invoice.
  2. All requests must be authorized with a Returned Goods Authorization (RGA) Number. Please call a DSP Customer Service Representative. Items returned without an RGA number will be refused at delivery and sent back at customer's expense.
  3. Should the return be incomplete or should the product not be returned in a directly saleable condition a 33% broken kit charge will be levied. Products must be returned in original packaging regardless of condition of packaging
  4. All returns must be sent prepaid
  5. All merchandise which has been modified, painted or installed will be refused and returned at the customer's expense. The same applies should the product not be a DSP product
  6. Any returns of discontinued items would only be considered on a case to case basis and only if it was purchased in the past 6 (six) months from invoice date
  7. Any items purchased through a distributor or liquidation sale will be refused
  8. Any Special order items or custom made items cannot be returned regardless of condition