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Welcome to DSP Hitches Online!

DSP Hitches has been serving Western Canada since 1961. Our unique range of products including hitch and towing accessories are built specifically for your make and model of vehicle so you know you're getting the best product for your needs.
DSP Hitches is a manufacturer located in the heart of Edmonton, Alberta and has many dealers across the country. Please use the contact us form or call us for hitch fit, availability and pricing.
Browse through our catalogue to explore our exclusive line of Weight Distribution Systems or take a look at our Camper Products — all designed to be the toughest, strongest products you can get on the market today.
You will also find that our Fifth Wheel and Gooseneck Trailer Hitches are made of the highest quality materials and our rail and bracket kits are made especially for each make and model of vehicle.
If you have any questions or concerns our knowledgeable staff are ready to answer by phone, email or our handy online contact form.

NEW! DSP Under-Bed Mount (UBM) Fifth Wheel and Gooseneck Hitch Systems now available. Fit all Reese Under-Bed rail systems. For more information, see page 9 of our current Micro Catalogue.



RE: DSP Hitches

Here are some things you may have or may have not heard on DSP Hitches products:

DSP Fifth Wheel Hitches:
  • DSP Fifth Wheel Dual Position hitches built 30 years ago are still compatible to install with new trucks
  • DSP Fifth Wheel Hitches can be installed on compact (5'5" – 6'2") boxes.
  • DSP Fifth Wheel Hitches with 38" rails running parallel to the frame give more locations for installations, important on the Toyota Tundra, Nissan Titan and Dodge Rambox trucks.
  • DSP Fifth Wheel Hitches locking mechanism has been the same reliable design for over 30 years.
  • DSP Fifth Wheel Hitches 20K & 25K Falcon series for frequent usage and light commercial applications are compatible with DSP Dual Position rails made for the last 30 years.
DSP Weight Distribution Systems:
  • DSP Weight Distribution Systems are one of the oldest domestically produced hitches in North America.
  • DSP Weight Distribution Systems parts are compatible with DSP weight distributions made 45 years ago.
  • DSP Weight Distribution Systems built-in keyway is more reliable than spring type keyways made with thin spring material that will fatigue quickly and require replacement often.
  • DSP Weight Distribution Systems offer 11 different shanks available at point of purchase; no need to exchange sizes, upgrade, or buy additional sizes.

DSP is Canada's last remaining manufacturer of Fifth Wheels Hitches and Weight Distribution Systems

If a retailer tells you your DSP product is too old, outdated, obsolete or not the hitch for you —

If you find any DSP Products are marked up more than 5% than any other brand including imports
(it may be an American label but may be made in China or Mexico) — CALL US TODAY!